Corporate Profile

(As at 6 July 2022)

eSun Holdings Limited (“Company”) is a member of the Lai Sun Group which was established in Hong Kong in 1947. The Company acted as an investment holding company and the principal activities of its subsidiaries include the development, operation of and investment in media and entertainment, music production and distribution, the investment in and production and distribution of television programs, films and video format products and cinema operation.

Since 9 June 2011, Media Asia Group Holdings Limited (“MAGHL”, formerly known as “Rojam Entertainment Holdings Limited”) has become a subsidiary of the Company, the issued shares of which are traded and listed on GEM of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (Stock Code: 8075). The Company currently holds about 67.70% of the total issued shares in MAGHL and the principal activities of MAGHL and its subsidiaries include film production and distribution; organisation, management and production of concerts and live performances; artiste management; production and distribution of television programs; music production and publishing; licensing of media contents; provision of consultancy services in planning and management of cultural, entertainment and live performance projects.

Since November 2018, Intercontinental Group Holdings Limited (“IGHL”, formerly known as “Kadokawa Intercontinental Group Holdings Limited”) has become a 95%-owned subsidiary of the Company. IGHL is one of the leading film and video distribution companies in Hong Kong, releasing around 30 films every year and distributing a variety of video products. IGHL is also one of the leading multiplex cinema operators in Hong Kong, operating a total of 18 cinemas in Hong Kong (including "MCL Cinemas Plus+ Plaza Hollywood", owned by a joint venture company with a subsidiary of Emperor Culture Group Limited (Stock Code: 491) and managed by MCL, has commenced business in July 2022) and Mainland China.